VOModular® 5G

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*All pontoon boats have a $50 handling charge, $30 can be refunded with a mail-in rebate if you are shipping to a verified business address.

5.0' modular rigid kick boat, standard rowing kit with 5' T6061 aluminum oars, 5' long x 12" wide pontoons with internal storage access via 8" round sealing hatch with improved seal design. An innovative design that assembles in one minute. (USA) weighs approximately 50 pounds including oars, oar locks and 4-point fly apron with raised edges and convenient printed ruler. Carries up to 225 pounds + 50 pounds cargo weight. Disassembled unit transports easily in the smallest of cars, the seat bottom and seat back surfaces are comfortable with ergonomic lumbar support. The rigid pontoons do not require an inflation pump and are virtually puncture proof.